Bike ride

Today we had to go out early to  beat the warmth in the middle of the day. At eight a.m. we were at a bike shop to rent me a bike for the day. We crammed two bikes in the small Hyunday Getz, and went out to meet up with some of Nir’s friends. We got to Benshemen, a patch of forest that is very popular among bikeriders from Tel Aviv. The park is full of nice single tracks with varying technical difficulty.

We had a two hour ride and at the end I was pretty hot. Lucky for me it’s still spring, the summer is much worse.

On monday we’re heading for the desert, I’m looking forward to that!


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Har fru, två barn, katt och V70.

6 replies on “Bike ride”

  1. Cykla i Israel! Fasen vad cooolt inte alla dagar man får läsa om det! Jag vill också!!!

  2. Härligt Larsson! Själv sitter jag ute i Holmsund och firar påsk, lite kallara än hos dig men riktigt mysigt 🙂 Öknen låter grymt läckert, bilder från det vill vi ha sen! Gla Påsk påre!

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