how to explain it… its just a person that thinks like you, and you like to hang out with!
Pili and Me meet when we were 4 years old in the kindergarden, and since then we never argue in any big things.

Just one year ago we had this conversation
 “I’m going to move in with Johan, IN SWEDEN”
“Sweden? are you crazy? I think is great and I promise i will visit you”.
That’s friendship for me, support each other not matter what and keep promises! Now my best friends is here with me… in Umeå! yes, all the way from Argentina! after 30 hours, 3 flights she is finally here to spend 10 days! Do we have a very similar life still? a similar way to think? No we don’t! but we both know that we have someone else in this big world that we can always count on.

Bike ride

Today we had to go out early to  beat the warmth in the middle of the day. At eight a.m. we were at a bike shop to rent me a bike for the day. We crammed two bikes in the small Hyunday Getz, and went out to meet up with some of Nir’s friends. We got to Benshemen, a patch of forest that is very popular among bikeriders from Tel Aviv. The park is full of nice single tracks with varying technical difficulty.

We had a two hour ride and at the end I was pretty hot. Lucky for me it’s still spring, the summer is much worse.

On monday we’re heading for the desert, I’m looking forward to that!


Just taking it easy.

For some of us life is about adventures, about stretching your own limits, about going to countries you’ve been dreaming of as long as you can remember, and for some of us, life is about just enjoying the small things.

For the moment I belong to the last category, just enjoying the small things. The feeling of sliding down into a hot bath after a hard weeks work, in a bathroom lit only by candlelight, sipping on something cold and good brings me the kind of satisfaction I am sure that some people feel when they end a marathon run in record time.

I end with a quote about lifelife:

“Lifelife is about joy. Real joy. The joy you feel when you are doing something that you and just you want to do. Right here and right now.”

Take care and live well / Nicklas