how to explain it… its just a person that thinks like you, and you like to hang out with!
Pili and Me meet when we were 4 years old in the kindergarden, and since then we never argue in any big things.

Just one year ago we had this conversation
 “I’m going to move in with Johan, IN SWEDEN”
“Sweden? are you crazy? I think is great and I promise i will visit you”.
That’s friendship for me, support each other not matter what and keep promises! Now my best friends is here with me… in Umeå! yes, all the way from Argentina! after 30 hours, 3 flights she is finally here to spend 10 days! Do we have a very similar life still? a similar way to think? No we don’t! but we both know that we have someone else in this big world that we can always count on.

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  1. Friends are best! I hope that you’ve two had a good time together! It was nice that you dropped by “the place” for some lemonade:)

  2. You are so right Merci! Hope you two have a good weekend in Paris.

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